Friday, January 22, 2010

Haste Gearing, and where it should be on your gear.

I am always talking about haste this, haste that. Haste is the new sliced bread... Truly. The one thing I get asked most about haste.... "How do you get so much haste!?!" And it got me thinking, I really never tell them the items that they really ought to not be picking up more Int/spellpower/crit for because of the Haste. (The right amount of Int/spellpower/crit can in my mind outweigh some haste... I'm looking at you...Crappy and what I tried to replace it with...)

So here are a few tips to those of you trying to balance where you can drop off the haste pieces so you can get to be more uberpwning...The bolds will give you a generic balance of where you will be at with these items.
Total(0 haste)

You want about 100 haste from your rings. I find it VERY difficult now to pick up a ring that DOESN'T have haste on it. Really, you need 670, and this helps bucketfulls to get.
Total (100 Haste)

Again, 100 haste. Seems logical right? Get in this neighborhood on these 4 slots so far and you are already 1/3 of the way to cap... more or less.
Total (200 Haste)

Roughly 50 haste combined is all you can expect out of this I suppose. Everyone wants these drops. Really though, this is something I strongly recommend, but I was wearing a ilevel 200 Cloak and picked up this so it was difficult for me to keep it... I was also sporting the 226 badge neck until I had the fortunate circumstance to get this. So I was forced into wearing more haste on my main set pieces as a result of this.
Total(250 Haste)

Tier eligible Pieces: (Head/shoulder/Chest/Hands/Legs):
300. No lies. The offset pieces that tend to drop for me are filled with nummy intellect, but I can't get the haste on them so I generally stray from our 4pc bonuses... being as we haven't had a good one since T7... it's really nice to be able to snag the two that you want with haste on them, leaving the rest for offsets.
Total(550 Haste)

Offset Pieces: (waist/wrist/booties)
100. Between the 3 of these, In areas >ilevel232 if it has haste, it's got about 50 or so on it. This means you are able to snag two out of three of these in haste and the other can be without. Currently I run a setup where wrist/boots have haste and the waist does not.
Total (650 Haste)

Given that you can snag this or that, you are so damn close to your 677 you will be set!! Good luck getting your drops! As always, if you have questions just toss them my way and I'll do my best to get you a response timely!!

Some notes on my personal gear, and advice I'd give to those not in raids
that are full buffed with everything:

In our 25man we haven't had a ret pally or boomer druid in a long time at raider rank show face frequently... This means I need a lot more haste than usual... I roll with around 800. The way I keep this up is I wear ilevel 245 gear, and I drop
about 1k int. Dropping 1k int from 38k buffed to 36+ isn't going to
destroy your mana pool, but you will land your heals more reliably and in a better rhythm with the 1 second GCD that the haste cap provides... The way I get to that 800 is my shoulders go back to haste, same with my waist. Also, at this point I am wearing haste in every slot on my toon with the exception of my neck and back. I do have decent alternatives for them with haste on them... but they are not that fantastic.

Second note: These numbers are very difficult to hit when you are
just starting out... Take what you can get when you can get it... Just don't
break your old gear just because you think it is better now. I have a LOT
of gear sitting in my bank that gets pulled out when I need it... And I never replace it until I have an item that fills the role it filled COMPLETELY (I.E. New shoulders? Don't have haste on them? Save your haste ones, even if you can wear the ones without... Because let's say your chest drops without haste on it, and it's a greater upgrade over your current one than those shoulders were... you can decide to go back and wear your other ones!! Seems smart to me.)

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