Monday, January 18, 2010

Amusing LFG.

Too funny imo:

On my warrior alt, doing LFG while leveling (I have so far refused to tank for the sheer ability to not have to do anything but kill stuff) and I ping up Dire Maul for the 27th time (no, really. the 56-60 range it's all that queue's up, which isn't horrible because everyone seems to get to know it pretty well) and we get this pally tank. Yay, I have more HP than him... AND HE USES A POLEARM TO TANK.

2 trash pulls in, he face pulls too much... Dead. NOT ME THOUGH. EFF THAT YOU BIG TREE/LOTR-ENT-THINGY. /equip sword/board /defensive stance. TCLAP TCLAP TCLAP SUNDER SUNDER SUNDER

Ok, everything is attacking me, now I look at my bars and realize I have no idea where I put my CDs or other abilities... SHIT.

Meh, healer is competant, Everything dies, tank says good job. I say, buddy, shields help. He goes "Oh yeah."

Later on an epic BoE trinket that restores Hp5 (Yes, health...) falls, we all need.... Hunter wins. tank complains... I begin explaining in 2 sentences that "CLEARLY you haven't played this much... as ALL loot is HUNTER loot. DUH." Noobs don't get it.

1 boss later- The pally starts waiting in place for a pat to move away while were headed to the final boss. Someone comments that were all here for xp and why are we avoiding trash. Tank starts berating him for not knowing he is there for gear, not xp. DUH.

Lowbie LFD is fun.

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