Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Weather EDIT: And other crap.

Weather rant inc.

Stupid blizzard (real snow falling, accumulating a lot on the ground) making my holiday plans change and all. I like plans, you sir are the driving force that makes my parents decide they want me to leave town a day early with them and possibly get stuck out of town... SWEET, not like I had work to do today that I'll just skimp out on... and It'll magically get done. No worries.

Other news- The ICC encounters in 25. Now that I've had 3+ weeks in there (and no Saurfang25 kill yet) I can say with all honesty that raid makeup is much more dependent than bringing skilled players... sometimes. Most of the bosses to me seem like idiotchecks and controlled burst dps checks (while they are being tanked and the heals keep everyone up... but still, those are necessary to all fights).

Let's look at Marrowgar, the positining? I could do it blindfolded. Literally. It's called DBM. It screams when you are in coldflame, or impaled, bone storm. The only thing it doesn't tell you is not to be near your tank... But I have devised a plan that will solve this issue for all dps and heals. (non-tanks)
1. Target Marrowgar
2. See which way he is facing
3. Do not stand in front of him
4. ??
5. Profit.

Deathwhisper, DnD fail is fail. 'nuff said. Sheep/cyclone/CC the MC'd buddys of yours. Melee kill their mobs, ranged get theirs. Put enuf deeps on the boss to just whale away. When she comes active, kill her. Oh, and when a boss casts something, and we have 36 melee on the boss, how in hell is it not interrupted? And we have shamans, and mages, and who knows what else that can interrupt.

FC. Ummmmmm so someone started it up early on us last time... and we still beat it... without anyone dying... really. That. Hard. Pretty sure we could 2-3 heal it with good tank heals on the opposite boat.

Saurfang. Yeah, in theory the boss is not that hard. In practice, apparently not everyone kites literally everything in their life with a mentalitiy that you should never stop moving. Frequently it is noted of me that I never stop moving in raids unless I have to stand and deliver (HL bombs, spriesting). As a tank even I jump... a lot. This comes from years of playing many first person shooters where hitting a moving target is just harder (duh?). Also, if something is in your face owning you, wtf are you standing there trying to own it for? Pshh, slap a ho down, and move back killing from your maximum range. I was leveling with a friend once, and she complained to me that I kite literaly EVERYTHING. Well, why not? I mastered the jump shot on my level 29 hunter already. Why you ask? (Don't even dare ask what a jump shot is you terribad hunter) Becuase it is the most effective way to kite and continue deepsing as well.

Anywhoo, I'm not trying to rag on people, just miffed that not everyone thinks like I do... becuase clearly I am awesome.

EDIT: Such planning on my part. What started as a weather rant turned into a spew my thoughts around.

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