Thursday, December 17, 2009

A little about me

Time for some explaining:

I started playing wow just before 2.4. I have 3 80s(Paladin, Priest, DK), 2 that I play with regularity(Pally/Priest). I progression raid on my paladin as holy/prot on an (overall) fail server in terms of progression, but enjoy my socializing with all the people I have met. The priest gets action in alt-runs and random PuGs. Lately I decided to try out dpsing on the priest as a caster (since it's actually viable now... I've wanted to be shadow for a while, but I refused to play a spec that didn't scale after 3.2k dps with gear)and have been enjoying it, yet my heart will always lie in the arms of my paladin.

I'm not a ridiculous theorycrafter, but I'd like to consider myself a "student of the game." (more on this to come) I pretty much know what I'm doing on my toons and why. Rare is the day I just throw talent points around without some sort of substantial testing and good reason to do so. I'd like to get some guides up on paladins specifically, as I am pretty well versed in Holy and Prot, and will always be shocked to see how few guides are written for the "layman" out there that are done correctly. Every time I have looked at someone's How To: Paladin I always have some sort of critique- They get it about 90% correct and overall I'm happy they made the information available, but it just irks me that they can't be 100%. It's so close!!!

I think from time to time I'll come here to make general posts about current frustrations I come upon and whatnot. But time will tell with those.

Finally, I would like you all to know how awesome I am. Rarely am I around people who I consider to be as awesome as I am (even rarer when they are MORE awesome) and it is just plain old fact!

P.S. If you continue to read on you may learn to appreciate my humor one day.

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